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Adjustable Exercise Stand

Adjustable Exercise Stand

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Introducing our Adjustable Exercise Stand, the perfect fitness companion for your workout routine. With its versatile design, this stand allows you to customize your exercise experience to fit your unique needs. Whether you're doing push-ups, planks, or other bodyweight exercises, our stand provides stability and proper alignment, minimizing strain on your joints. It's time to take your fitness journey to new heights while improving your strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. Elevate your workouts with our Adjustable Exercise Stand and experience the incredible benefits firsthand.


1. Small size, not occupy space, lightweight for easy storage.
2. Thick soft foam, soft and comfortable without hurting the feet.
3. A button switch, start three seconds. Waterproof and moisture-proof, safer to use.
4. Three gear height, free to adjust. Through the spring snaps freely adjust their comfort level.
5. Strong suction, avoid loosening

1. Assistant needs to be attached to a smooth, dry clean flat floor without gaps, then push to fit the floor.

Product Information:
Color: pink
Material: high quality iron pipe + foam natural rubber + PP + spring
Weight: 0.85KG

Package Content:
1 x Sit-ups Assistant Device        

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