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Car Cup Holder Adjustable

Car Cup Holder Adjustable

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1. Stable Base: It is easy to remove the cup holder from the slot. And the cup holder has a base deep enough to provide a great balance for your water bottle.
2. Solid Material: Upgrade the cup portion of the adapter to a more solid ABS material. For those with oversized water bottles and containers, this car cup holder is great for keeping them secure.
3. Wide Compatibility: This car cup holder expander is big enough for oversized thermoses, it also can work with most popular brands of bottles and many large fast food cups.
4. Easy to Use and Install: After inserting your cup in the cup holder, turn the blade clockwise to enlarge the size of the adapter at the bottom and secure the base, adjust the top clearance with just two fingers, and turn the fitting knob to less than 90 degrees.
5. Beautiful Design: Made of high-gloss black material, with high strength and good toughness, the product surface is like high-gloss piano paint, presenting a beautiful visual feast.

Product information:

Material: ABS
Applicable position: central control water cup position
Color: matte black

Packing list:

1  * Cup holder

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