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Color Printer Large Capacity

Color Printer Large Capacity

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Product information:

Product model: 304xL black 304XL color
Number of printed pages: 304XL: 600 pages, 304XL: 450 pages (A4 paper is calculated by 5% coverage)
Applicable model: HP Deskjet 2620 2622 2630 2632 2633 2634 3720 3730 3732 3733 3750 HP Envy5010
5020 5030 5032 5050 5055 AMP100 120 and other printers


1. Recommended inking amount each time: 15-20ML black, 5-8ML color;
2. Please do not add ink after all the ink is used up, which may easily burn the ink cartridge;
3. Inject proper amount of ink slowly when adding ink. It is suggested that the ink should be stopped immediately when the sponge emits ink; 4. The ink cartridge should be used frequently, and it is recommended to use it more than 1-2 times a week, otherwise the print head is easy to block

Packing list:

Ink cartridge * 1+ink * 1/Ink cartridge * 1+ink * 4


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