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Electric Heated Lunch Box

Electric Heated Lunch Box

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Electrical outlet

1.It is leakproof and perfect for soups and stews.
2. The lunch box is high temperature resistant, durable, and 100% safe.
3. Portable And easy to clean, and dishwasher safe.
4.Quickly Warm your food in 10-15 minutes right at your desk.
5.Made of food grade PP and it also has stainless steel containers.
6.Airtight and leak-proof, easy to carry.
7.No need to carry extra cable, It has Inbuilt mains cord winder.
8.Automatic shut off function, It has two thermostats and thermal fuse for safety protection.


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Product Information:
Product name: Electronic lunch box
Liner material: PP-inner liner
Product function: heating and heat preservation
Product size: 170*108*238mm
Voltage: 110v/60Hz 220-240V/50Hz
Vehicle voltage: 12V
Power: 40W

Parts List:

Lunch box liner
Lunch box base
Lunch box cover
Power cord
Dish grid  

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