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Silicone Jam Spatula

Silicone Jam Spatula

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  • Ergonomically-designed handle gently widens where you hold the handle most often and tapers for a tighter grip closer to the head. A non-slip grip mat handle that’s easy to hold in different positions, will go a long way when you’re working with something that splashes around or makes you work up a sweat
  • Its not just too flexible but also rigid, the spatula head folds have a rigid STEEL core that extends up into the head providing extra protection during intense projects. The spatula head itself is thicker in the center & taper out towards the edges for the most support.
  • The slightly bendable head makes it easy to get every last drop out like a small hand-held squeegee. Flat & curved surfaces alike are easily scraped with this. Anything from heavy doughs to fluffy meringue can be picked up with minimal effort and sticking.

Product information :
Product material: silica gel +PP

Size Information:
Product specifications: 3.5*1.5*21cm

Packing list:
Stirring bar *1/2


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