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Sports kneepad

Sports kneepad

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The sports kneepad is your ultimate game-changer, designed to provide exceptional protection and support, it's a must-have for athletes of all levels. Whether you're into basketball, volleyball, or any high-impact sport, this kneepad is your ideal companion. It boasts superior shock absorption, shielding your knees from injuries and enhancing performance. Suitable for both professional players and sports enthusiasts, it ensures maximum comfort and flexibility. But beware: choosing the wrong size might compromise its effectiveness. Invest in your safety today with our top-notch sports kneepad!

One size: ordinary
M code: Pressurized anti-skid
L code: Pressurized anti-skid
XL code: Pressurized anti-skid

Name: High-elastic knitted sports lengthened knee pads (including compression and anti-skid models, including the largest size)
Material: polyester fiber, etc.
Size: One size, pressurized M, L and XL codes

It is difficult to achieve the same size of two products in one pair. Please understand the slight deviation

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