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Stainless steel weeding tool

Stainless steel weeding tool

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  • Multi-purpose, Great for digging, weeding, seeding, turning soil, etc
  • 15" length is perfect for your Garden/Lawn work!
  • The hanging eyelet on the end for convenient storage
  • Heavy duty with Stainless steel & Metal Alloy material.
  • Perfect for landscaping, planting, making furrows, cultivating, weeding and chopping

Product information:
Specifications: wooden handle stainless steel multi-purpose weeding machine, all steel multi-purpose weeding machine
How to use: Hook a little under the soil to ensure that the root is hooked, so that it can be stuck and pulled up. If it cannot be pulled up on the soil, it will slip off. It is not suitable for the root. Thank you

Material: stainless steel

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