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UC28C Mini Projector

UC28C Mini Projector

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  • Compact design: 360 degrees horizontal and vertical key stone correction for breaking limit of placement.
  • Convenient to use: Cinema-style stereo mixing sound, independent speaker cavity.
  • Meticulous workmanship: Unique industrial design for digital projector.
  • The focusing lens, which is composed of several precise transmittance coated lenses, increases the transmittance and wear performance, filters the stray light, and optimizes the image sharpness.


Product information:

Light source type: LED
Light source life: 20000 hours
Whole machine power: 10W
Power input: 5V 2A
Resolution: 320*180
Brightness: 10 ANSI
Volume: 9.8*8.7*4.9 cm (smaller than palm)
Projection drawing size 12-85 (cm)
Interface: USB/TF/AV/5V IN mobile power interface/headphone jack/power interface
Accessories: red, yellow and white AV cable + USB power supply line + manual

Package Content:
1 x projector


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